Our Ministries

Find God for Yourself



The children ministry is there to help nurture our kids. to help them build the foundation for god. we provide them with leadership to guide them on their right pathway. it supplies them with a good beginning to inspire not only themselves but others to live as a good example of Christ. The value of finding God for yourself is instilled in them at an early stage.  we encourage them to learn to bible stage by doing activities and games to help them master the Bible. 


youth ministry helps youth to grow spiritually and have discipline in the lord. They are guided to understand and preach the gospel truth.  They read sermons for the church which not only improve their character in public speaking but also help them to overcome their fear and weakness.  They organize and participate in activities for the church. They also do community service, charity, mentoring the young, feed the hungry, toy drive and varieties of good deeds.  




The woman ministry there to empower women and to encourage other woman. They pray for the congregation and people who need prayers. They are responsibility for teaching  young girls to hold covenant with God. They take prayer request from the congregation and  engage in prayer  and  fast  with  them in private and in  public with the church.

Prayer Team

They are prayer warriors focus on encouraging and actively pray for those who need prayers and guidance from the lord. They pray with you and give you prayer points to help you perceive whatever situation you may be facing with the guidance of the holy spirit. They keep you in their prayers and ask God to deliver you from any situation you may be facing at that particular time of your life. they try to instill the people of god that with all tribulation and troubles that the god that you serve will heal you so you may witness his glory. 



We volunteer because it's a way for us to give back to the community no matter how small it may be. it also a way for people to gain some new skill and make friends and connect with people of all races. 

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